Someone said: 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer'. I agree.

No matter if it's a big trip of your dreams, or just a weekend out in the nature, the experience and memories are yours and no one can ever take them away!

Personally, I give special value to the photos taken along the way to be able to capture and share at least a little piece of the adventure. I hope, that scrolling through my page, you can find some interesting information or maybe get an inspiration for another journey?



My Recent Posts

Iceland – geology 2

The geology was initially supposed to be covered by one post only, but as you can see, there were too many exciting geo-sites to fit in in one post 😉 So, let's continue the photo-journey through the magnificent, raw Icelandic landscapes with some geology in mind. Driving along the southern coast may be a bit […]

Iceland – geology

Anyone at least moderately interested in geology should visit Iceland at least once in a lifetime! If the process of Earth creation and development could be seen within a person's lifetime, this is definitely the place to watch it. Both me and Gustavo have geological university background, so what I am going to write is […]

Evita’s first cat show!

Here we go! After getting a beautiful Evita av Oseberg(N) the time came to expose her to the outside world. Being only 4 months old, she faced the long trip to Bergen, stay at a different house (thanks again for hosting us, John!) and getting a lot of "attention" from other people 😉 We are […]

Iceland – the sea

Being an island, Iceland is naturally surrounded by the sea. I didn't use to appreciate the power and beauty of the sea for quite a while. Probably because I consider myself more of a mountain person and common 'beach vacation' is just not really my thing. However, since I moved to Norway, I look at […]

Iceland – the glaciers

Ice sounds like a natural thing for Iceland. But in fact, only about 11% of the country is covered by glaciers. It is a peculiar combination, as the white caps sit mostly on top of volcanoes. Actually, the main damage caused by the volcanic eruptions is due to flash floods rather than lava flow! The […]
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