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Monika Wilk-Lopes

Traveler, photographer, blogger, artist, cook . . .

I believe in ‘carpe diem’ idea: make the most of what life brings to you day by day. When travelling I appreciate the uniqueness of experiences you get depending on time and situation you find yourself in. Many moments and landscapes deserve so much to be captured, shared and remembered! Some of them will get their room in my picture library, others will have to stay as stories to be told. I would like both to find their place on this blog.

Taste is an important part of experience for me, so I enjoy trying different foods on the way as well as experimenting in my own kitchen whenever home.

On a daily basis I work as geophysicist at the office processing seismic data. Not to go crazy with sitting-the-whole-day-by-the-computer job, I cycle or run my daily 9 km commute. At least it keeps me fit 🙂

A long story short:

As my parents were hooked on breeding Welsh Terriers when I was a child, the first places I traveled to were the locations around Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Netherlands), where Dog Shows happened. My first ‘grown-up’ trips started on extremely low budget while at the university: hitch-hiking and sleeping on random places I visited Turkey, Georgia, Morocco, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I cycled around Iceland and hiked many trails in the mountains of Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

I had a chance to live for half a year in Trondheim while finishing university and kept travelling during my first years of employment to complete the training. I lived then in Abu Dhabi and Houston for several weeks, stayed in London and Paris to finally settle in Stavanger, Norway.

On the way I met Gustavo and since 2011 we travel together (with some exceptions). As a cross-national couple (Polish-Brazilian), we continuously discover our worlds as well as the country we live in with all its beauties and moods.




Gustavo de Carvalho Lopes

Traveler, geologist, photographer, webpage technical support . . .

Memories and experiences make a good part of who you are…. The earliest ones I can gather are of cruising the USA national parks as a kid, camping throughout a 6.7 magnitude earthquake and completing a Grand Canyon decent/ascent when I was only 6 years old… No wonder adventures and trips have become part of my life.

From Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Chile with a great friend, I head up to Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Greece with a stop in Egypt… all of this over my university years. As I got a international job aboard a boat, I traveled to South Korea, China, USA, UK, Norway… and in this Scandinavian country I found Monika. Here starts our joint exploration phase…. of the world… and of Norway.

Photography came to me as a natural response to traveling, as photos are among the best ways to keep and transmit the essence of a location.  I use a Canon 70D equipped with a range of lenses picked for each purpose. Bulky equipment, but no compromise on quality and creativity possibility…

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