Around Stavanger – Crossing Jæren

Stavanger area is not only mountains and fjords. There are several really beautiful beaches around, which are worth a visit! Jæren has the longest sandy beaches in Norway (total length is 11km), which are good for surfers and kitesurfers (due to frequent strong winds) but also serve as recreational areas for hiking and sunbathing (if you are lucky, well dressed or born in Norway).

The Jæren beaches include: Ogna, Brusand, Nærland and Refsnes (Hå), Orre and Bore (Klepp), Hellestø, Byberg, Vigdel, Ølberg and Solastranden (Sola), Viste and Sande (Randaberg).

Using a good weather day during Easter, we decided to cross Jæren and take a walk along its furthest beach to the South: Ogna.


Ogna is a village in the municipality of Hå. Nearby there is a very nice Jæremuseet Vitengarten (science farm) which is worth visiting, especially if you travel with kids, as it consists of an activity farm and interactive exhibitions. I have to admit we really liked it, even though we tend to consider ourselves adults 😉 The entry is free of charge and there is a cafe and bar inside.

The beach in Ogna is about 3km long and is bordered on both ends by the camping sites: one in Ogna and the other one in Brusand.

Ogna camping is also the first food and drink station for the annual bike race Nordsjørittet, which goes from Egersund to Sandnes (91km).





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