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Fishing trip

"Lazy" weekend out

Some of these days you feel like not really doing anything. You may be mentally exhausted or just tired after the entire week of work(out) and not really keen on doing anything that requires too much thinking or muscle movement. Yes, we all have these days 😉 Fortunately,  there are ways to deal with them and make them useful in the end!

This was the ideal Saturday for me, as I was REALLY not up to too much...

So, we have these islands around and the sea. And the sea has fish in it. A lot this time of the year. And they are the most delicious, wild mackerels (in my own opinion, they are the best, most tasty fish)! With all these in mind, we decided to go for a 'hunt'. To be honest, I didn't really believe it would be SO productive. Gustavo's phone app predicted a 'good catch' and our friends claimed that the place we were going was the best, but I was still skeptical. Until it all started... Fish after fish, 2,3,4,5,7 at a time!

Total count: 51 mackerels in our freezer - we are now good to go for entire winter 😀

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Coconut Pancakes

Coconut Pancakes

Just a perfect Weekend breakfast. Even better with freshly picked wild raspberries 🙂 These fluffy pancakes will provide you with energy for a productive day without a big calorie intake!

They are delicious just by themselves, but you can serve them with favourite jelly, maple syrup, butter or yoghurt.

Since the raspberry season has just started and I'm a bit crazy about berries, I decided to wake up a little bit earlier and go for a refreshing morning walk to collect some of these beauties wildly growing around my house 🙂

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