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Evita’s first cat show!

Here we go! After getting a beautiful Evita av Oseberg(N) the time came to expose her to the outside world.

Being only 4 months old, she faced the long trip to Bergen, stay at a different house (thanks again for hosting us, John!) and getting a lot of "attention" from other people 😉

We are very grateful for having this experience, not only because Evita had her first successes (2xEX1 and a Nomination), but also because we have met so many nice people and received useful tips (or rather a cold shower) about raising her from the breeders (Frode and Britt).

Now looking forward to seeing her development. Also, to starting a better obedience training 😉


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New family member arrives

It's been a while we were hoping to get a kitten and finally now, Evita av Oseberg has arrived in Randaberg! 🙂 We have spent now almost 2 weeks together, trying to get her used to the new home.

She has gone through her spooked/unhappy phase and now became the queen of the house. Thanks to her little white mouse toy she keeps happy and entertained. And thanks to her crazy owners, she now has even her own tree to climb and play 🙂

Now looking forward to teaching her new stuff and seeing her further development!