Copenhagen – another Nordic city. Or is it really? We had an impression that it has a very relaxed, almost southern climate 🙂

I guess it was partially thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve got during this weekend, but Copenhagen seemed more like a holiday resort than a northern Europe’s port. Streets full of happy people having fun, dining, snacking, playing, drinking beer and wine and sunbathing – that’s the image the city passed to me during this short visit. Of course, it might have been only a weekend craze, but such a nice one that it would have been hard not to dive into it 🙂

Copenhagen is a city of bikes, some even claim it to be the ‘bike capital’. And it may as well be. I’ve seen plenty of bikes in Netherlands before, so I’m not sure which country would win this competition, however, Copenhagen definitely deserves a medal for bike infrastructure. Every street has a separate lane (in each direction) for bike traffic with separate traffic lights. People ride their muscle-powered vehicles every day and everywhere. It gets so serious, that the car traffic is almost inexistent! Family and cargo bikes seem to be a very popular invention and are creatively used. It is not uncommon to see animals carried around on bikes or two people playing inside the cargo while the third one is cycling. The flatness of the terrain supports such initiatives a lot.

Cargo bikes are being used very commonly and with a good dose of imagination
Cargo bikes are being used very commonly and with a good dose of imagination


From a brief experience there were several charming details about the air of this city:

  • All places are good to have fun. No matter if it’s a picnic in the park, party on a boat, gathering on a city square, marina or restaurant/bar – they all seem to be as popular for spending time out
  • Drinking seemed to be allowed in public, which allows a relaxed time with friends in the park without getting a fine
  • Plenty of restaurants (surprisingly many Italian ones), bars, cafés, bakeries with delicious stuff, street markets – a nice change from restricted Stavanger reality
  • There are public bathrooms all around. This may not sound very exciting at first but, believe me, it can be appreciated 😉 Especially that they are all free of charge and kept clean and in really good condition! I don’t remember seeing this in other places yet
  • Shops are open on Sundays (yes, you start appreciating this if you live for a while in a country that doesn’t have such comfort)

The city does not have any MAJOR touristic attractions, so there is no urge to ‘tick the boxes’ and see it all. However, there are several interesting points worth highlighting. They admission to all of them is free of charge.

  1. The National Museum of Denmark is one of them. It has exhibitions from around the world and covers 14,000 years of Danish history, including Ice Age. There is also quite impressive prehistoric section. Good part is that you can split the visit into pieces with no pressure to rush. It is closed on Mondays.
  2. If you rather enjoy some natural beauty, Copenhagen Botanical Garden may be a good place to go. It covers about 10 hectares of green area and contains greenhouses that date as far as 1874.
  3. For a panoramic city view, take the lift to the top of the tower of Copenhagen City Hall. You may have to wait a bit in a line, as there is a limit of people admitted at once, but it doesn’t get too bad.
  4. The statue of Little Mermaid has been visited by tourists since 1913. It’s a bronze statue by Edvard Eriksen inspired by a tale of the same name written by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s a charming statue 🙂

Depending on your mood, you can then visit some nice sites, or just embrace yourself in the spririt of the city scrolling through its colorful streets. Just pure joy of the moment 🙂

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