Naples and Sorrento – food

Naples itself is quite well described as an ‘Urban Jungle’. It definitely is far from being the most romantic city in the world. However, I think it has some peculiar charm – it’s extraordinary. It also hosts a lot of restaurants serving ‘the best pizza in Italy‘.

So, a little bit about food 🙂

Some people claim, that you just cannot get it wrong with pizza in Naples. We tried and I can say it was really good 🙂  In most countries we are used to pizzas stuffed with all goodies. Here they keep it simple: dough, delicious tomato sauce, herbs and olive oil make the most traditional pizza – ‘marinara’. I was actually surprised how much I loved it! Combine it with a starter of fresh mozarella bufala with tomatoes and you can die happy.

From the sweet side, Naples offers another specialty – sfogiatella – absolutely amazing if you ask me! It’s a pastry with cottage cheese filling of different flavours, the most recommended one being lemon.


Caprese with fresh mozarella bufala


Pizza marinara – no cheese, but what a taste!

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