Streets of Rome

There is nothing I like more about travelling in the cities than getting lost in their busy streets 🙂 And the streets of Rome have a lot to offer:  colourful buildings, sunny piazzas, lively restaurants, cafes and gelaterias (mmmm, Italian ice-cream…) and historical sites at every corner.

There are plenty of well-known things to see such as Fontana di Trevi or Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna). However, if you set yourself for a tour around the city, you find many more hidden gems. It’s just hard to cover it all in few days – makes you want to come back for more 🙂

The part of Rome worth visiting is Trastevere, which is a charming medieval neighbourhood that lives on completely different pace than the crowded area of Colosseum. This former working-class district across the Tiber river feels a bit detached from the mainstream touristic rush. The laundry hangs on the streets just next to restaurants, lush vegetation covering walls of the buildings, narrow labyrinth streets – it all gives an impression of embracing cosiness and makes you want to stay for more.

Trastevere is connected with the ‘main’ part of Rome through several bridges over the river. On our walk, we crossed Ponte Sant’Angelo and went back through Ponte Cestio. The former one consists of five arches, three of which are Roman. The latter one was an important bridge in the past, since crossing the river was facilitated by the presence of an island in the middle. Both very photogenic. And I REALLY like bridges 🙂

Another big highlight of our walks was Piazza Navona. I think this was mainly because we ended up going there with an insanely nice afternoon light, which enhanced the contrast between warm-colored buildings and the marble fountains making it all look somehow more dramatic.

So, after doing some sight-seeing, take a stroll, enjoy the atmosphere of the city and it’s marvelous ‘day-to-day-ness’ 😀

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