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Iceland – the sea

Being an island, Iceland is naturally surrounded by the sea. I didn't use to appreciate the power and beauty of the sea for quite a while. Probably because I consider myself more of a mountain person and common 'beach vacation' is just not really my thing. However, since I moved to Norway, I look at the big water in a different way. I see a great natural force and beauty of it and a distant horizon which reveals the approaching storms... It can get even scary sometimes.

This time, I had a chance to experiment a bit with Gustavo's super-dark filter, which allowed to capture different moods of the salty water.


To be honest, we passed through the Skarðsvík Beach and Londrangar by accident, as we decided to have a longer drive around after seeing Kirkjufellsfoss the previous day. That's what happens when you have to change all the plans on top of time because the weather decided to turn bad in the direction you wanted to go. And just like this, you encounter amazing places on almost every corner of this country! Isn't this incredible?

Another unexpected wonder of Iceland - beach nearby Eyrarbakki. Completely random direction. Don't even ask me why we went there...

Reynisfjara and Dyrhólaey were possibly the most crowded attractions we visited this trip. And with a good reason - we passed there twice (!) and spent several hours shooting the waves crashing on the rocks. Very hypnotising...

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Fishing trip

"Lazy" weekend out

Some of these days you feel like not really doing anything. You may be mentally exhausted or just tired after the entire week of work(out) and not really keen on doing anything that requires too much thinking or muscle movement. Yes, we all have these days 😉 Fortunately,  there are ways to deal with them and make them useful in the end!

This was the ideal Saturday for me, as I was REALLY not up to too much...

So, we have these islands around and the sea. And the sea has fish in it. A lot this time of the year. And they are the most delicious, wild mackerels (in my own opinion, they are the best, most tasty fish)! With all these in mind, we decided to go for a 'hunt'. To be honest, I didn't really believe it would be SO productive. Gustavo's phone app predicted a 'good catch' and our friends claimed that the place we were going was the best, but I was still skeptical. Until it all started... Fish after fish, 2,3,4,5,7 at a time!

Total count: 51 mackerels in our freezer - we are now good to go for entire winter 😀